I’m Mikio, and Assistant Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science at Texas Christian University, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the When Experts Disagree project in Dublin, Ireland. I teach Honors students and do research on the philosophy of cognitive science. One of the funny things about the philosophy of cognitive science is that nobody seems to know how to describe what cognition is. I have got a few ideas—that first of all, you’ve got to think about the fact that cognitive scientists are a living community of inquirers, and not just about the theories that they come up. That means trying to incorporate their disagreements into a view about what cognition is rather than taking the side of your favorite theories. Anyway, with that as a starting point, I’m trying to say some things about what kind of thing cognition might be, and how scientists talk about cognition and explain cognition, and why cognition is interesting to study, and what we can learn about science from the fact that we study cognition.

Anyway, I’m happy to meet new friends and colleagues, and to chat. You can find out a little more about me at my website, and you can write me. Oh, and I tweet.