Explicit Content is written by me, Mikio Akagi. But the blog is not a place for reporting on my research (which is fascinating, I assure you), or reporting on other philosophical work. It is about how to do philosophy—what skills are important in philosophy, how philosophers think, how to teach philosophy. And most everything here is intended to be both interesting to philosophers and accessible to non-philosophers. Philosophy is often misunderstood, by those who practice it and by those who don’t, and the hope is that this will be one place to clear up confusions. Probably my confusions more than anyone else. Some of this was covered in the introductory post.

Oh, and the blog will probably also be about whatever else I am possessed to write about.

It should go without saying that nothing here is, like, supposed to be the definitive word on anything. I don’t want to conjure a crackpot self-help guide to sell to overly credulous aspiring philosophers. It’s just some opinions and some reasons, arranged blog-wise.